Magnatech Orbital Welding

Since 1971, Magnatech has supplied orbital welding equipment for a wide range of specialty tube and pipe applications. Magnatech orbital welding machines are reliable, easy to operate and will improve the productivity of your job.

Morgan Industrial Technology proudly sells, rents, and services Magnatech orbital welding machines. Contact MIT to see the benefits of Magnatech welding for yourself.

QX800 Magnatech Weld Heads

QX800 Magnatech Weld Heads

Introducing the new QX800 Series of Magnatech Weld Heads - an entirely new line of easy-to-operate tools for orbital tube welding. These weld heads are equipped with quick exchange collets, enhanced weld...
Magnatech 805 Weld Head

Magnatech 800 Series Weld Heads

Product Description: The Magnatech 800 Series Weld Heads make tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting welds with precision, efficiency, and repeatability.  With five models covering a size range of tubes from 3mm to...
Magnatech Camera Control Console

Video Arc Monitoring (VAM) System

The Video Arc Monitoring (VAM) System allows remote visual monitoring of GTAW process welding for applications where the welding equipment must be used in hazardous environments or when welding visually...
Magnatech 514F Tubemaster Power Supply

Magnatech 514F Tubemaster Power Supply

Product Description:  The Magnatech Tubemaster Model 514 brings the benefits of true digital technology to the orbital welding customer: unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Become an expert in orbital tube welding...
Magnatech Pipeliner II Weld Head

Magnatech Pipeliner II Weld Head

Product Description: The Pipeliner II is the first practical alternative to manual welding of larger diameter and heavy wall pipes. It produces the same weld quality as mechanized GTAW, but...
Magnatech MPS 4000

Magnatech MPS 4000 Controller / Power Supply

The MPS 4000 is a digital inverter power source for GMAW / FCAW process welding applications. The integral weld head controller operates all Pipeliner weld head models. The MPS 4000...
Magnatech M500 Head Micro weldhead

Magnatech M500 Micro Weld Head

Manufactured as one of the smallest orbital weld heads on the market, Magnatech introduces the M500 Micro Weld Head. The M500 is an ultra-low profile orbital weld head designed for...
Magnatech 517 EZ orbital power supply

Magnatech 517 EZ Orbital Controller

Product Description:  Magnatech introduces an economical and easy solution for precision tube welding with a lightweight, modular orbital welding controller that interfaces with most standard, commercial GTAW power sources. Tucked...
Magnatech T-head

Magnatech T Head

The T Head is capable of reproducing the precise motions of a skilled manual GTAW welder. It is specifically designed for multi-pass pipe welding applications and larger diameter / heavy...
Magnatech Quickclamp Weld Head

Magnatech Quickclamp Weld Heads

Product Description: Quickclamp weld heads are capable of reproducing all the precise motions of a skilled manual GTAW welder. Both models are specifically designed for multipass pipe welding applications and...
516 Power Supply

Magnatech 516 Pipemaster Controller

Product Description:  The Magnatech Model 516 Pipemaster is a programmable controller providing the benefits of digital design with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.  The latest generation of Pipemaster controllers is...
Pipemaster 515 Orbital Pipe Welding

Magnatech 515 Pipemaster Power Supply

Product Description: The Magnatech Model 515 Pipemaster operates a range of weld heads designed for multi-pass welding. The 515 provides the benefits of digital design with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and...
Magnatech redhead fusion weld head

Magnatech Redhead Weld Heads

Product Description: The R-Head (Redhead) series of weld heads are easy-to-operate tools for orbital welding pipe. Three standard models cover pipe sizes 12.7 to 168 mm (0.5" - 6.625"). A...
magnatech dhead orbital welder

Magnatech D Head

The Magnatech D Head Model is specifically designed for applications with radial and axial clearance constraints. It consistently produces welds that meet the most stringent code quality standards. This full-function...
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