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Magnatech 514 Tubemaster Power Supply

Magnatech 514 Orbital Welding Power Supply

Magnatech 514 Tubemaster Power Supply

Product Description:

The Magnatech Tubemaster Model 514 brings orbital welding to the digital age, offering unmatched precision, repeatability, and dependability. Magnatech’s new digital technology reduces the requirement of periodic weld head calibration and ensures the rotation speed is precise regardless of head wear. Magnatech weld heads can now be switched with no time-consuming calibration.

The on-board computer records weld settings and parameters internally for QA/QC reporting. The HD color touchscreen interface make sure programming and everyday use is faster and more intuitive.

The Magnatech 514 includes a 200-amp output at 100% duty cycle and can store up to 100 weld programs with additional removable USB storage space. The 514 allows for the use of wire feed heads with AutoProgram developed procedures.

The programmable override limits ensure supervisor control, weld parameter monitoring and reporting for QA/QC purposes while offer program and data transfers to PCs using USB flash drive.

Magnatech’s AutoTack feature automatically produces tack weld on workpieces. The head-mounted membrane switches make on the fly changes more convenient. The 514 includes file storage for quick information and reference, password protection of crucial functions, integrated printer for program/QC report printout, detachable water cooler with built-in flow switch protection, and alert for entry errors with prompting.


  • Unique auto programming
  • Rugged design
  • Operates fusion and wire feed heads
  • Tough, black powder coat finish

Part # 514F0TBAD0

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