Magnatech 517 EZ Orbital Controller

Magnatech 517 EZ orbital power supply

Magnatech 517 EZ Orbital Controller

  • Full color touchscreen
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Interfaces with large range of orbital weld heads, including the 800 series fusion weld heads
  • Made in America

Product Description: 

Magnatech introduces an economical and easy solution for precision tube welding with a lightweight, modular orbital welding controller that interfaces with most standard, commercial GTAW power sources.

Tucked in a rugged, waterproof case, the EZ Orbital 517 connects with a wide range of orbital weld heads, providing an automatic weld schedule development and digital control of rotation speed to ensure perfect repeatability. It features an intuitive touch screen that simplifies programming, diagnostics and control functions with easy-to-follow screens.

Part # 517A00000A

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