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Magnatech 517 EZ Orbital Controller

517 EZ Orbital Controller

Magnatech 517 EZ Orbital Controller

  • Full color touchscreen
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Interfaces with large range of orbital weld heads, including the 800 series fusion weld heads
  • Made in America

Product Description: 

Magnatech 517 EZ Orbital Controller is the most affordable and intuitive solution for precision tube welding. Developed to be a lightweight and modular system, the EZ Orbital 517 welding controller checks all the boxes for portable orbital welding solutions.

Packed within a durable, weatherproof casing, the controller has the ability to interface with an extensive range of orbital welding heads, including Magnatech’s 800 series, the EZ conveniently automates the welding schedule process, with adjustable digital controls of rotation speed, guaranteeing repeatable, ideal results.

The full-color touchscreen has a user-friendly Windows-based design with simplified programming, control functions and diagnostic menus. Additional features of the device include a visual welding cycle display, monitoring of head temperature, adjustable pre-set welding parameters, fault detection systems and more. Magnatech has programmed the computer to be forward compatible as to allow for potential for software updates through an integrated USB interface. Manufactured in the Northeast United States, the EZ Orbital 517 offers maximum control for the welder in an accessible and economical package.

Part # 517A00000A

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