Magnatech M500 Micro Weld Head

Magnatech M500 Head Micro weldhead

Magnatech M500 Micro Weld Head

  • Size Range: .125" to .5" OD Tube
  • Collet frames hinge on same side, allowing greater access to tight clearance
  • Housing rated for 525 degrees F, eliminating need for water cooling
  • Made in USA

Manufactured as one of the smallest orbital weld heads on the market, Magnatech introduces the M500 Micro Weld Head. The M500 is an ultra-low profile orbital weld head designed for precision fusion welding of small tubes and fitting sizes. Measuring only 10″ long and equipped with the industry’s narrowest configuration flush cartridge and collet, the M500 is ideal for restricted clearance micro-fit welding applications.

The housing body is made of material with exceptional duty cycle – eliminating the need for water cooling. Designed for tight clearance welds, the collet frames hinge on the same side.

Magnatech M500 Micro Weld Held Features

  • Three configurations to fit various power supplies
  • Quick-release thumb screw eliminated the need for tools
  • Standard 25 ft cable length

Part # M-500ROB000

Magnatech M-500 TCA 1/4″ OD100125M5-0250
Magnatech M-500 TCA 3/8″ OD100125M5-0375
Magnatech M-500 TCA 1/2″ OD100125M5-0500
Magnatech M-500 TCI set 1/4″ OD10012501-0250
Magnatech M-500 TCI set 3/8″ OD10012501-0375
Magnatech M-500 TCI set 1/2″ OD10012501-0500
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