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Orbital Welding Machines

Equipment for orbital welding – including power supplies and weld heads for both orbital tube welding and orbital pipe welding. We supply both Magnatech and Arc Machines Equipment.

AMI 217 / 217P Power Supply

The AMI Model 217 WDR is a cutting-edge 100/150A programmable GTAW Orbital Welding power supply. The 217 is designed to be used with all of AMI's orbital fusion weld heads....
SAXX-200 power supply

AXXAIR SAXX 200 Power Supply

Introducing the AXXAIR SAXX-200 Orbital Welding Power Supply – the ultimate solution for precision welding! Designed with the latest technology and high-quality components, this power supply delivers exceptional performance and...
SAXX-201 Power supply

AXXAIR SAXX-201 Power Supply

Power up your jobs with the latest generation power supply from AXXAIR—SAXX-201! With a new design and upgraded features, this power supply is the next best thing in precision welding....
Magnatech 514 Orbital Welding Power Supply

Magnatech 514 Tubemaster Power Supply

Product Description: The Magnatech Tubemaster Model 514 brings orbital welding to the digital age, offering unmatched precision, repeatability, and dependability. Magnatech’s new digital technology reduces the requirement of periodic weld...

AMI 207 Power Supply

The AMI Model 207 GTAW Power Supply offers exceptional welding capabilities in a compact and capable 100–150-amp package. This machine enables the production of high-integrity sanitary welds at the push...
AMI Orbital Welding Water Cooler

AMI Cooling Unit

The AMI Cooling Unit, also known as a water cooler, attaches to the base of an Arc Machines Power Supply and features a heavy-duty pump and a flow sensor. It's powered...
AMI Dual Weld Head Controller for AMI Power Supplys

AMI Dual Weld Head Controller

Do you require multiple weld heads for your orbital welding application? Do you need to simplify the weld head exchange calibration process or increase the number of welds your machine...
AMI 317 Power Supply Pipe

Arc Machines Model 317

Introducing Arc Machine's newest orbital welding power source, the AMI Model 317. Experience the next generation in orbital welding technology. Designed for welders by welders. AMI has merged 40 years...
Magnatech 515 Power Supply

Magnatech 515 Pipemaster Power Supply

Product Description: The 515 power source has been innovatively designed to simplify the pipe welding process. Magnatech’s 515 model provides the advantages of digital technology to the orbital welding industry,...
Magnatech 516 Controller

Magnatech 516 Pipemaster Controller

Product Description:  The Magnatech Model 516 Pipemaster is a programmable controller providing the benefits of digital design with unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.  The latest generation of Pipemaster controllers is...
517 EZ Orbital Controller

Magnatech 517 EZ Orbital Controller

Product Description:  Magnatech 517 EZ Orbital Controller is the most affordable and intuitive solution for precision tube welding. Developed to be a lightweight and modular system, the EZ Orbital 517...
MPS4000 Orbital Welding Controller

Magnatech MPS 4000 Digital Inverter and Power Supply

The Magnatech MPS 4000 is a digital inverter power source ideal for GMAW/FCAW process welding. It comes with an integral weld head controller to operate any and all Magnatech Pipeliner...
Magnatech Video Monitoring System

Video Arc Monitoring (VAM) System

The Video Arc Monitoring System (VAM) is a remote monitoring system designed to allow operators to visually monitor and manage the GTAW process in hazardous or visually inaccessible environments. Not...
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