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Facing Tools

Correctly prepping the pipe or tube before welding is essential to creating a better quality weld. You want to remove any imperfections from the tube or pipe before welding to ensure a clean fit up. With a facing tool, you can quickly and easily remove burrs and other imperfections from the tube or pipe ends, getting better alignment and a higher quality weld. Browse our selection of facing tools below, available for both purchase and rent. We also offer consumables and accessories, like facing bits.

Flange Facing Tool from ESCO

ESCO 110 Flange Hog | Manual Flange Facing Machine

The FLANGE HOG 110 is a must-have for any fabrication or repair shop or on-site maintenance team. This manual flange facing machine is rugged and compact flange face reconditioning tool...
FM114 Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing

FM-114 Tube Facing Tool

Introducing the FM-114 Tube Facing Tool - a sturdy, bench-mounted tube facing marvel powered by your site electricity. Built to operate efficiently and reliably throughout your workday, this tool becomes...

FM-168 Tube Squaring Tool

Discover the FM-168 Tube Squaring Tool – a rugged, hard-wearing instrument designed to deliver top-notch finishes to both external and internal tube surfaces. Despite its robust nature, the FM-168 ensures...
FM25 Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing

FM-25 Stainless Steel Tubing Facing Tool

Step into the future with the FM-25 Series - a dynamic solution for stainless steel tubing facing. Designed with a robust and reliable structure, it consistently delivers clean and flat...
FM63 Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing

FM-63 Tube Facing Tool

Product Overview:  Embrace the power of the FM-63 Tube Facing Tool – a sturdy and reliable solution for all your tube facing needs. Expertly designed, it consistently creates clean, burr-free...
FM Micro Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing

FM-Micro Facing Tool

Quickly face micro fittings for critical welds.  The portable, battery-operated FM-Micro Facing Tool is designed to reach many stainless steel fittings and tube ends behind manifolds, components, and other devices. It comes...
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