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No one know facing and beveling better than ESCO Tools. Whether you’re carving out a J-bevel or refacing a boiler wall during outage season, ESCO Tools quality is unparalleled. Their portable line of flange facers and inside diameter mounted beveling tools makes it easy to create a clean surface to work with. The difference is apparent when you work with ESCO.

Profile of ESCO Wart Millhog

What Are Flange Facing Tools?

ESCO Beveling Tools

Profile of ESCO Wart Millhog

Wart Millhog

The Wart Millhog I.D. clamping beveling tool is ideal for end prepping all boiler tube and pipe metal. The 2.625” width and 1.25 hp motor make this portable tool perfect as an all in one beveling, facing, and boring tool. The Wart Millhog can be equipped with a pneumatic, electric, or battery powered motor. The workhorse of the ESCO Line, the Wart Millhog is one of the most well known end-prep tools on the market.

Profile of ESCO Ground Millhog

Ground Millhog

The Tube Weasel is only 2.625” wide making it ideal for accessing single tubes in a boiler waterwall (Dutchman). The rugged gear drive is driven by a 2/3 hp motor for efficient shop and field use. The Tube Weasel incorporates an easy-to-use clamping system that is self-centering and maintains clamp integrity. This compact tube beveling tool can be powered by interchangeable pneumatic, electric, or battery motors.

Profile of ESCO Mongoose

Mongoose Millhog

The Mongoose Millhog is a compact portable beveling solution measuring 2.250. The compact and portable design make it ideal for accessing single tubes in a boiler waterwall. The Mongoose has a patented clamp release mechanism that maintains clamp integrity, unlike some beveling tools that require a hammer to release the clamps from the tube I.D. It can also be equipped with a membrane removal head.

Tube Weasel

Tube Weasel

The Tube Weasels critical width dimension is only 1.5” wide for accessing single tubes in a boiler wall, and can be equipped with a membrane removal head for boiler tubes from .875” – 1.250” O.D. The available automatic air activated clamping system instantly clamps and releases the beveling tool to and from the tube I.D. 

Profile of ESCO C-HOG


ESCO’s C-Shaped pipe and tube belver attaches to the O.D. using a large solid clamp, allowing the tool’s cutting blade to get under the material, pull a thick chip, and end prep the hardest alloys while minimizing chatter and vibration. Blades are secured by the EscoLock wedge style blade locking system.

Prepzilla from ESCO


The Prepzilla is Millhog is ESCO Tools most versitile portable beveling tool. With optional 2HP pneumatic and 1800 watt electric motors and tough gear reduction, the Prepzilla creates the perfect marriage of speed and torque. 8 Sets of clamp ribs and pads achieve an I.D Clamping range of 1.575” to 8.625” O.D.

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ESCO Cutting and End Prep Tools

Profile of a COHOG Clamshell

COHOG Clamp Shell

Designed by ESCO to simultaneously cut and bevel heavy wall pipe without having to switch out machines. The COHOG Clam Shell boasts a machined 7075 aluminum alloy shell and is hard coated for maximum strength and durability.

Profile of APS-438 ESCO Saw


Decrease your outage times by quickly cutting though waterwalls with the ESCO APS-PanelHog. The PanelHog provides accurate cuts with 10”-14” blades and no Heat Affected Zones. The ESCOTrack allows for cutting up to 60” O.D.

Hog Tie Tube Alignment Tool

Hog Tie Alignment Clamp

The Hog Tie boiler tube joint alignment tool speeds the welding process for boiler tube waterwall panel replacement by quickly and accurately aligning new boiler tube ends with existing tubes.

Profile of a FlangeHog 110

Flange Hog 110

Quickly recondition scarred, rusty or worn flange gaskets to a like-new condition. The Flange Hog 110 is an easy to operate flange facing tool that’s perfect for re-facing raised-face and flat-faced flanges on site or in a fabrication/repair shop.

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