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Magnatech 515 Pipemaster Power Supply

Magnatech 515 Power Supply

Magnatech 515 Pipemaster Power Supply

  • Used for multi-pass welding
  • Operates all models of Magnatech weld heads (GTAW process)
  • Controls: current output/pulsing, arc voltage control, oscillation, and weld head wire feed speed
  • Output power: 200 amps
  • Made in the USA

Product Description:

The 515 power source has been innovatively designed to simplify the pipe welding process. Magnatech’s 515 model provides the advantages of digital technology to the orbital welding industry, giving welders incomparable accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. This   model is approximately half the size and weight of its predecessor models. The computer reduces the need for calibration of the weld head with built-in digital maintenance monitoring systems. Motor speeds and response remain consistent and accurate even with the natural wear and tear. The Magnatech adaptors allow for weld heads to be switched with ease.

The Pipemaster 515 offers tons of exclusive features. It allows multi-pass welding of pipes, tubes, and tubesheets; runs on a 200-amp output; and boasts an Auto-Ranging input that eliminates the need for internal modification. The Pipemaster 515 has the capacity to store 100 weld programs internally and the AutoProgram feature will generate procedures previously saved to produce quick, on the spot welds. The on-board computers user-friendly interface, HD LCD display, and teach mode get welders up and running faster than ever before. Updated security measures include password protected key functions and weld parameter monitoring/out-of-limits reporting for QA and QC purposes.

Additionally, it has a waterproof pendant with a 25‘(7.6m) cable, a large color LCD display, a detachable water cooler with an integral flow switch, an integral switch to stop welding without torch gas flow, an on-board printer, and an autorewind feature. To ensure quality assurance and control, it includes a monitoring of weld parameters and out-of-limits reporting. The Magnatech 515 Pipemaster complies with all relevant NEMA, CE, and CSA standards, and comes FAQ and Guide files.

  • Unique auto-programming for multi-pass orbital pipe welding
  • Easy to program
  • Rugged design

Part # 515GCTBAD0

Magantech 905A Water Cooler Part # 105579-1

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