Axxair Orbital Cutting

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AXXAIR CC122 Orbital Cutter

Axxair CC122 Orbital Cutter

Clean Precision Cuts

The CC127 makes incredibly precise cuts on tube and pipe ranging from 1″ – 4.5″ (24 to 121 mm) with perpendicular cuts as precise as .009″.

Interchangeable Blade Position

Choose between 2 blade positions with the Dual-Output Cutting Motor. Cut elbows and flanges without compromising the workpiece or machine.

Beveling Accessories Available

Convert the Axxair Orbital Saw into a beveling machine with the quick beveling motor. Easily create 30°, 37.5°, and J-Bevels for pipe welds.

AXXAIR CC172 Orbital Cutter

Axxair CC172 Orbital Cutter

Cut Thick Walls

The 1200W motor can power through walls as thin as .065″ and as thick as .540″. Oversized blade options are available for tube and pipe larger than 6″.

Fast Motor Speeds

6 variations of motor speed ranging from 95 RPM to 280 RPM allow welders and pipe fitters to cut through thick and thin walls with ease.

Quick and Efficient

The Axxair saws increase productivity by making easy squared cuts that are weld ready. Easily cut 3″ 304L Stainless Steel Tubing in ≤20 seconds. 

CCPS21 Support Legs

Stable Work Station

Create a stable workstation in minutes with the CCPS21. The storage box, located on the back, is perfect for storing accessories or consumables.

Quick Setup and Tear Down

All three legs come off the stand to make for easy storage and transportation. Simply mount the top plate into place and bolt on. The back leg can be bolted to the ground for added safety and stability.

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