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Magnatech 800 Series Weld Heads

Magnatech weld head with collets for orbital welding

Magnatech 800 Series Weld Heads

Product Description:

Magnatech 800 Series Weld Heads are the ultimate welding solution for orbital welders, designed to precisely, efficiently, and reliably weld tubes to tubes and tubes to fittings with a wide range of sizes, from 3mm to 152.4mm (0.125” – 6.0”) OD. Its unique double-clamping design allows for simplified work piece set-up, and in many cases, completely eliminating the need for tack welding. On top of that, its interchangeable collets are extremely durable and are available for any tube and fitting size up to 6”

Its proprietary digital technology developed by Magnatech reduces the need for time consuming weld head calibration. The tech maintains the rotation speed, so welds are consistent and accurate, no matter the wear of the head.

The 800 series weld heads include a replaceable 360° contact tungsten holder designed to create positive arc starts and comes standard with a 15-foot torch cable. The Full Exchange Water Cooling System provides true 100% Duty Cycle performance.

Magnatech 800 series weld heads also include a molded silicone switch panel on the handle that eliminates the need for a remote pendant.

800 Series weld heads from Magnatech are some of the best low-profile tube and fitting weld heads on the market and provide a new level of value and efficiency.

Model | Tube Size Range:

805: .125″ to .625″ (3 mm to 16 mm) OD

810: .125″ to 1″ (3 mm to 25 mm) OD

820: .250″ to 2″ (6 mm to 51 mm) OD

830: .375″ to 3″ (9 mm to 75 mm) OD

840: .5″ to 4″ (12 mm to 102 mm) OD

860: 2″ to 6.625″ (50 mm to 168 mm) OD

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