Magnatech MPS 4000 Controller / Power Supply

Magnatech MPS 4000

Magnatech MPS 4000 Controller / Power Supply

  • Used with all Pipeliner GMAW / FCAW process weld heads
  • Used as a controller and a power source
  • Field proven reliability
  • Made in the USA

The MPS 4000 is a digital inverter power source for GMAW / FCAW process welding applications. The integral weld head controller operates all Pipeliner weld head models. The MPS 4000 provides synergic control of electrode speed and power output – the welder has only to change electrode speed and the power supply will adaptively change the output parameters to maintain a stable process. 

The power source comes with built-in orbital pipe welding expertise. It has pre-programmed optimized parameters for most applications and a simple adjustment mode. 

Pipeliner MPS 4000 Features:

  • Factory optimized stored programs for most materials
  • Maintains a constant arc length with microsecond response
  • Synergic operation of electrode speed/power output

Part # 7120GMBWM0

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