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Magnatech D Head

Magnatech D Head pipe welding

Magnatech D Head

  • Size Range: 1 - 14" OD
  • Used for multi-pass orbital GTAW pipe-to-pipe or pipe-to-fitting
  • Capable of Oscillation and Arc Gap Control functions
  • Designed for applications with clearance restraints
  • Made in the USA

The Magnatech D Head Model is an open-faced orbital welding head used for multi-pass orbital GTAW pipe-to-pipe or pipe-to-fitting. The D Weld Head is especially useful for applications where both radial and axial clearance is an issue.

Magnatech’s D Head offers versatility, with interchangeable guide rings that allow it to cover a wide range of pipe diameters, ranging from 1/2” – 14” (25mm to 356mm). The D Weld Head offers several advantages, such as improved productivity and consistent quality welds, by way of its improved duty cycle and reduced rework rates.

It features a rugged design and can generate high-quality welds, with a unique tilt AGC option available for socket welding. Its components are heat-tolerant, allowing it to be used on preheated alloys. Its water-cooled housing provides an added layer of thermal protection.

The torch features proprietary oscillation tech with independently programmable parameters such as width, speed, and endpoint “dwell”. It is also equipped with a head-mounted wire feeder that accommodates a range of wire diameters and a filler wire spools like industry standard 1kg (2 lbs) spools or special application 0.5 kg (1 lbs) low profile spools to reduce radial profile. Additionally, its 3-axis position adjustment for the filler wire nozzle allows for precise positioning of the filler wire entry into the weld puddle, while its arc gap control provides electronically maintained programmed arc length. Lastly, the weld head is equipped with mounting and rotation, allowing metal guide rings to be attached to the pipe and a positive sprocket drive system that ensures uniform rotation speed.

Magnatech D Head Features

  • Rugged design
  • Generates high-quality welds 
  • Unique tilt AGC option available for socket welding

Part # 420PTCB000

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