Magnatech D Head

magnatech dhead orbital welder

Magnatech D Head

  • Size Range: 1 - 14" OD
  • Used for multi-pass orbital GTAW pipe-to-pipe or pipe-to-fitting
  • Capable of Oscillation and Arc Gap Control functions
  • Designed for applications with clearance restraints
  • Made in the USA

The Magnatech D Head Model is specifically designed for applications with radial and axial clearance constraints. It consistently produces welds that meet the most stringent code quality standards. This full-function orbital pipe welding head conducts both pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds.

Because the model D weld head is “full function”, it is capable of reproducing all the precise motions of a skilled manual GTAW welder. Used with the Pipemaster Power Source, the D Head improves productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates, and producing welds of consistent quality.

The compact head-mounted wire feeder uses standard size wire spools. The D Head drive system incorporates heat-tolerant components and a water-cooled housing for use on CrMo and other alloys requiring preheat. The D Head mounts on the pipe by means of interchangeable guide rings. These rings are available for all standard pipe/tube sizes, allowing the D Head to cover a large size range: 1″-14″. The weld head mounts entirely on one side of the joint, allowing for pipe-to-fitting welds. Mounting the head on an oversize guide ring with adapter feet creates an air space, preventing heat damage. 

Magnatech D Head Features

  • Rugged design
  • Generates high-quality welds 
  • Unique tilt AGC option available for socket welding

Part # 420PTCB000

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