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Esco Tool

MIT is a proud ESCO Tool Distributor. ESCO Tool is known for its Millhog machines, a leading line of portable milling tools used for boiler tube and pipe applications. From the Wart Millhog to the Prepzilla, ESCO maintains several tool lines in a variety of sizes.

Tools are available for sale or rental. Contact us to find out which tool works best for your application.

Profile of APS-438 ESCO Saw

APS-438 MILLHOG | Boiler Tube Cutting Saw

The APS-438 MILLHOG is an air-powered boiler tube cutting saw, that makes clean, straight cuts. It is configured for superb ergonomics, ease of use and operates on a wide variety...
Profile of ESCO C-HOG

C-Hog Millhog

Product Overview: The C-Hog, the ultimate solution for small pipe and tube beveling! This innovative tool is designed to maximize efficiency, safety, and ease of use in your operations. The...
Flange Facing Tool from ESCO

ESCO 110 Flange Hog | Manual Flange Facing Machine

The FLANGE HOG 110 is a must-have for any fabrication or repair shop or on-site maintenance team. This manual flange facing machine is rugged and compact flange face reconditioning tool...
ESCO Clamshell Pipecutting Tool

ESCO COHOG | Clamshell Pipe Cutting Machine

The COHOG is a split frame machine from ESCO Tool. At the core of the COHOG® is its uniquely built frame. The stationary ring is machined out of 7075 aluminum alloy,...
Hog Tie Tube Alignment Tool

ESCO Hog Tie Boiler Tube Alignment Tool

The Hog Tie boiler tube alignment tool speeds the welding process for boiler tube waterwall panel replacement by quickly and accurately aligning new boiler tube ends with existing tubes in...
Tube Weasel ESCO Beveling Tool

ESCO Tool Tube Weasel Millhog

Product Overview: Meet the Tube Weasel, ESCO’s most versatile and reliable beveling tool. This cutting-edge outage tool is designed for end prepping all types of boiler tube materials, making it...
Profile of ESCO Ground Millhog

ESCO Tools Ground Millhog

Product Overview: The ESCO Tool Groundhog is the portable solution for beveling tubes during boiler outages or end prepping materials. With a critical width dimension of only 1.5 inches, the...
Profile of ESCO Mongoose

ESCO Tools Mongoose Millhog

Product Overview: Improve your boiler tube end prepping with the Mongoose Millhog. Designed specifically for single tubes in a boiler tube waterwall, this compact 2.250" wide tool provides precision and...
ESCO Beveling Tool Prepzilla

ESCO Tools Prepzilla Millhog

Product Overview: The Prepzilla Millhog is the ultimate end prep solution for those looking for high performance and low maintenance. With its 2hp pneumatic or 1800-watt electric motor and tough...
Profile of ESCO Wart Millhog

ESCO Tools Wart Millhog

Product Overview: The Wart MILLHOG Beveling Tool is the solution for end prepping all boiler tube and pipe. Measuring only 2.625 inches wide, its portable design makes it perfect for...
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