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ESCO Tools Mongoose Millhog

Profile of ESCO Mongoose

ESCO Tools Mongoose Millhog

  • Membrane Removal 1.187" - 2.000"
  • Critical width 2.25" (57.2mm) for single tube "Dutchman" boiler tube repair
  • Bevels, faces and bores stainless steel and other highly alloyed tubing
  • Patented, self-centering, push-pull clamp and release mechanism has permanently attached wrenches
  • Rugged with torque-free operation
  • Powerful pneumatic motor needs only 25 cfm air flow
  • Produces a thick chip without cutting oils
  • EscoLock blade locking system

Product Overview:

Improve your boiler tube end prepping with the Mongoose Millhog. Designed specifically for single tubes in a boiler tube waterwall, this compact 2.250″ wide tool provides precision and ease for your end prepping needs.

ESCO designed the Mongoose to have industries best I.D. clamp integrity with their patented clamp release mechanism – no more using hammers to release clamps from the tube I.D like other beveling tools. Upgrade to the Membrane Removal Head and quickly remove membrane, overlay, cladding, and any other protection from the tube O.D.

Handle membrane removal from 1.187″ to 2.000″ with ease, thanks to the Mongoose Millhog’s critical width of 2.25″ (57.2mm) that makes it perfect for single tube “Dutchman” boiler tube repair. Whether you’re working with stainless steel or other highly alloyed tubing, the Mongoose Millhog delivers consistent, precise bevels, faces, and bores.

Efficiently work with the Mongoose Millhog’s patented, self-centering, push-pull clamp and release mechanism with permanently attached wrenches. The rugged design ensures torque-free operation, and the powerful pneumatic motor only requires 25 cfm air flow.

ESCO Tools delivers superior results with the Mongoose Millhog – no cutting oils needed. Produce a thick chip with the added safety with the EscoLock blade locking system. Upgrade your boiler tube end prepping with the Mongoose Millhog.

‚ÄčKit Includes:  

  • Gear Head
  • 2/3 Pneumatic HP Motor
  • Draw Rod Assembly
  • .750″ Mandrel (.625″ Mandrel may be substituted)
  • Hose with couplings
  • Dirt stopper and oiler
  • Carrying Case
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