Prepzilla Millhog

14592 Esco

Prepzilla Millhog

  • Single point attachment allows preps on all wall thicknesses at any angle
  • Optional cross feed for flange facing, pipe grooving and severing
  • EscoLock blade locking system for maximum blade life
  • Dual opposed tapered roller bearings deliver rock solid performance
  • Low rpm with tremendous torque
  • Produces thick chips on all highly alloyed tube and pipe, without cutting fluids

Product Overview:

The Prepzilla Millhog’s high performance and low maintenance makes it a stand out to the competition.

The Prepzilla Millhog’s optional 2hp pneumatic or 1800 watt electric motor and tough gear reduction create a perfect combination of speed and torque. Both drives deliver plenty of power and can perform any angle of end prep on all types of pipe and tube alloy including P-91 and Super Duplex. This tool uses one mandrel to cover the full operating range of the tool. Eight sets of clamp ribs and pads achieve an I.D. clamping range of 1.575” I.D. to 8.625” O.D. The tool post can handle up to two cutter blades at a time and a third tool post can be added for additional pipe beveling functions.

Kit Includes:

  • Gear Head, Feed Mechanism
  • 2hp Pneumatic Motor
  • 8.625in Tool Post
  • Draw Rod Assembly
  • 1.575in Mandrel
  • Hose with couplings, dirt stopper and oiler
  • Carrying Case
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