C-Hog Millhog

Profile of ESCO C-HOG

C-Hog Millhog

  • Securely grips to the tube O.D.
  • Tooling is very easy to change for tubes up to 3" O.D.
  • Narrow body fits 1-1/4" membrane boiler tubes
  • Ideal for small bore heavy wall stainless steel and chrome tubes
  • Ergonomic feed with over 1" of stroke
  • Compact, light weight, and rugged
  • Uses standard MILLHOG cutting blades and the EscoLock wedge style blade-lock system
  • Robust ratchet wrenches are securely attached
  • No cutting lubricants are necessary

Product Overview:

The C-Hog is a “C” shaped pipe and tube beveling tool designed for maximum efficiency, safety, and ease of use.

The C-Hog attaches to the O.D. using a large solid clamp, allowing the tool’s cutting blade to get under the material, pull a thick chip, and end prep the hardest alloys while minimizing chatter and vibration. The C-Hog’s attached ratchet feed wrench lets the operator easily feed the tool as it preps the end with minimum fatigue on the equipment. Standard and custom blades are rigidly secured by the EscoLock wedge style, blade-locking system.

Kit Includes

  • Gear Head
  • 2/3 hp Motor
  • Clamp Wrench
  • Hose with couplings, dirt stopper, and oiler
  • Carrying Case

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