ESCO Tools Ground Millhog

Profile of ESCO Ground Millhog

ESCO Tools Ground Millhog

  • Range: End Prep .500-2.250” (12.7-57.2mm)
  • Membrane Removal .875”-1.250”
  • Critical width – 1.5” (38.1mm) for a single tube repair
  • Compact low maintenance end prep tool
  • Rigidly mounts to tube I.D., easy to release
  • Self centering torque-free operation
  • Performs any angle of bevel
  • Steel housing with integral radial thrust ball bearing
  • Chatter free blade locking system
  • Uses TiN and Hard Lube coated cutter blades

Product Overview:

The ESCO Tool Groundhog is the portable solution for beveling tubes during boiler outages or end prepping materials. With a critical width dimension of only 1.5 inches, the Groundhog is designed to access single tubes in a boiler tube waterwall, making it the ideal tool for tight working environments.

Key features of the Groundhog include its Membrane Removal Head, its size and portability, and internal stability. The removal head can remove membrane from boiler tubes with an outer diameter ranging from .875” to 1.250”. This feature makes the Groundhog an incredibly versatile and efficient tool, allowing you to complete multiple tasks with one tool.

The Groundhog is also compact and low maintenance, making it easy to transport and use. It rigidly mounts to the tube I.D., ensuring stability and ease of use. The self-centering torque-free operation ensures that the tool is always in the correct position, even when working on tubes at different angles.

The steel housing of the Groundhog is designed with an integral radial thrust ball bearing, providing added stability and durability. The chatter-free blade locking system ensures a smooth and efficient beveling process, without any interruptions. Additionally, the Groundhog uses TiN and Hard Lube coated cutter blades, ensuring a long lifespan and high-quality results.

With a range of .500-2.250 inches for end prepping and .875-1.250 inches for membrane removal, the ESCO Tool Groundhog is the ideal tool for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to perform end preps on a single tube in a tight space or remove membrane from a boiler tube, the Groundhog is the perfect tool for the job.

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