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ESCO Tool Tube Weasel Millhog

Tube Weasel ESCO Beveling Tool

ESCO Tool Tube Weasel Millhog

Product Overview:

Meet the Tube Weasel, ESCO’s most versatile and reliable beveling tool. This cutting-edge outage tool is designed for end prepping all types of boiler tube materials, making it the perfect solution for maintenance professionals and boiler operators alike.

With a compact design and a critical width of only 2.625”, the Tube Weasel is ideal for accessing single tubes in a boiler tube waterwall. The easy-to-use self-centering clamping system ensures secure and accurate positioning, and the EscoLock blade lock system holds cutting blades securely in place for chatter-free end preps.

The rugged gear drive of the Tube Weasel is driven by a powerful 2/3hp motor, making it suitable for both shop and field use. This drive system provides ample torque, making it easy to perform end preps on hard alloys, while the chatter-free design ensures thick and continuous chips.

The Tube Weasel is designed to be simple to operate and maintain, and the gear head design has been field-proven to perform millions of end preps. With a sealed construction that allows use in any orientation, and a compact size that requires only 25 cfm, the Tube Weasel is the ideal choice for those who demand quality, reliability, and ease of use.

Contact us today to order your Tube Weasel and start end prepping your boiler tube materials with confidence.

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