ESCO 110 Flange Hog | Manual Flange Facing Machine


ESCO 110 Flange Hog | Manual Flange Facing Machine

  • Manually operated, no electrical, hydraulic, or air lines necessary
  • Smooth swing operation produces perfectly precise phonographic finish
  • Accurately mounts to the flange I.D. in seconds
  • Feeds available for both smooth and stock finish in accordance with ASME B-16.5 standards
  • Kit comes ready to use

The FLANGE HOG 110 is a must-have for any fabrication or repair shop or on-site maintenance team. This manual flange facing machine is rugged and compact flange face reconditioning tool designed to quickly restore rusty, scarred, or worn flange gasket seats to a like-new condition. The easy operation makes it perfect for re-facing raised-face and flat-faced flanges in a variety of settings.

The FLANGE HOG 110 has an adjustable clamping range of 0.9″ to 10.3″ and can reach up to 14″ O.D. This allows for a single operator to work on a wide range of flange size. The ESCO proprietary clamping system is simple to set up and designed for accurate alignment and fast set up, ensuring that each job is done efficiently and effectively.

In addition to its versatility and ease of use, the FLANGE HOG 110 is equipped with cutting bits that are double-sided and long-lasting. These specially formed bits are capable of cutting through a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloyed steel, aluminum, and cast iron. This makes the FLANGE HOG 110 a versatile tool that can handle a range of repair and maintenance tasks.

Each FLANGE HOG 110 tool kit comes ready to use in a sturdy carrying case that keeps everything organized and readily accessible. The compact design and durable carrying case make it easy to transport the tool to different job sites, while the organized storage system ensures that all necessary components are readily available when needed.

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