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ESCO Tools Wart Millhog

Profile of ESCO Wart Millhog

ESCO Tools Wart Millhog

Product Overview:

The Wart MILLHOG Beveling Tool is the solution for end prepping all boiler tube and pipe. Measuring only 2.625 inches wide, its portable design makes it perfect for use in tight working environments, like a single tube in a boiler tube waterwall.

With a powerful 1.25hp motor and heavy-duty gear, the Wart is a favorite among boilermakers and pipefitters for preparing tube and pipe ends for welding. The Wart can bevel, face, and bore all at the same time, and can also be equipped with a Membrane or Membrane/Overlay Head for removing protection from the tube while beveling the end. With the option to use a Cutter Blade, you can prepare multiple tube ends for welding in one go.

The kit includes the gear head, 1.25hp pneumatic motor, draw rod assembly, 1.250-inch mandrel (can be substituted with a .750 or 1.000-inch mandrel), hose with couplings, dirt stopper and oiler, and a carrying case. ESCO Tools also has a range of cutterheads, including CH20 2 5/8″, CH21 3″, CH22 3 1/2″, CH23 4″, and CH24 4 1/2″, to best fit your needs. The kit also includes a Clamp Rib/Pad Set for end prepping .750-4.500 inches (19.1-114.3mm) and removing membrane from 2.000-3.000 inches.

Kit Includes

  • Gear Head
  • 1 1/ 4hp Pneumatic Motor
  • Draw Rod Assembly
  • 1.250in Mandrel (.750in or 1.000in Mandrel may be substituted; consult factory)
  • Hose with couplings, dirt stopper and oiler
  • Carrying Case

Choose at least one Cutterhead

  • CH20 Cutterhead, 2 5/ 8”
  • CH21 Cutterhead, 3”
  • CH22 Cutterhead, 3 1/2″
  • CH23 Cutterhead, 4”
  • CH24 Cutterhead, 4 1/2”

Choose Clamp Rib/Pad Sets, at least one is necessary

  • H01 1.250” – 1.600” Clamp Rib Set
  • H02 1.525” – 1.925” Clamp Rib Set
  • H03 1.850” – 2.250” Clamp Rib Set
  • H04 2.175” – 2.575” Clamp Rib Set

Clamp Pads attach to Clamp Ribs

  • H05 2.500” – 3.550” Clamp Pad Set
  • H08 3.475” – 4.525″ Clamp Pad Set

Range: End Prep .750-4.500in (19.1- 114.3mm)

Membrane Removal 2.000in-3.000in

Overlay Removal 2.000in -3.000in

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