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APS-438 MILLHOG | Boiler Tube Cutting Saw

Profile of APS-438 ESCO Saw

APS-438 MILLHOG | Boiler Tube Cutting Saw

  • Powerful pneumatic motor
  • Ergonomic design provides optimum balance of speed and torque
  • Cuts tough material with ease
  • Provides clean, accurate, straight cuts with no heat-affect zone

The APS-438 MILLHOG is an air-powered boiler tube cutting saw, that makes clean, straight cuts. It is configured for superb ergonomics, ease of use and operates on a wide variety of materials and applications. MILLHOG air-powered saws have the ability to cut boiler panels, tube, pipe, tanks, sheets and cylindrical structures with ease. They leave no heat-affected-zone to fight through in later stages of fabricating. 

Saws have track, flex track, and trolley options available as well as a variety of accessories, making the boiler panel saw versatile. The saw makes operation easy while decreasing fatigue and improving safety. Purchase or rent the APS-438 Millhog boiler tube cutting saw to see the benefits for yourself. 

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