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AMI 217 / 217P Power Supply


AMI 217 / 217P Power Supply

The AMI Model 217 WDR is a cutting-edge 100/150A programmable GTAW Orbital Welding power supply. The 217 is designed to be used with all of AMI’s orbital fusion weld heads. This power supply is capable of welding tube and thin wall pipe.

In addition, the 217 records and saves weld data and can export it to an external storage device. Its 12″ color touch-screen display, computer-controlled memory for 1000+ weld schedules, and 99 levels per schedule are just a few of the features of the 217.

AMI also includes Weld Data Recording function into it’s 217. The WDR includes sensors and data loggers that measure and record parameters such as welding current, voltage, travel speed, wire feed rate, and gas flow. This data can be transmitted to a computer or other device for analysis and storage.

The WDR system can be used to monitor and analyze the quality of the welds by comparing the recorded data to industry standards, and by identifying any variations or anomalies in the data. This can help to identify and correct problems, such as weld defects, that may be caused by issues such as improper technique, equipment malfunction, or inconsistent parameters.

Manual and automated weld procedure generation is available for tack, pulsed, step, no-pulsed, tack, S3, and pulsed S3 weld schedules. H.F. arc starting, O.D. gas pressure control with on-screen monitoring, and an internal printer for printing schedule settings.

The AMI 217 accessories include a digitized remote operators’ pendant, water cooling unit, weld head extension cables, a reusable shipping case, and the dual weld head controller. The complete system makes welds make the WDR a highly advanced welding system. Its digital weld head control allows for compatibility with weld heads from other manufacturers.

AMI 217 Power Supply Part # 13B170100-03

AMI 217 Water Cooler Part # 13B170126-01

AMI 217P Power Supply Part # 13B170120-01

AMI 217P Water Cooler Part # 13B170127-01

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