AMI 217 / 217P Power Supply

AMI 217 Power Supply

AMI 217 / 217P Power Supply

  • Can be used with many weld head models (GTAW)
  • Welding Data Recording (WDR)
  • Large 12" color touch screen display
  • Computer controlled internal memory for 1000+ weld schedules
  • Weld schedules: pulsed, step, no-pulsed, S3, and pulsed S3

The Model 217 AMI power supply is a programmable GTAW orbital welding machine designed to work with all AMI’s orbital fusion weld heads. It is adept at the automated fusion welding of both tube and thin wall pipe.

The internal memory of the machine stores up to 1000 different welding schedules making quick, consistent and repeatable welds. High-integrity, sanitary welds are easily reproduced on AMI orbital welding equipment through the large color touch screen.

MIT supplies a wide range of orbital welding heads to pair with your Model 217. This equipment is available for both purchase and rent. Suggested accessories include the AMI 207 water cooling unit, remote operator’s pendant and extension cables.

AMI 217 Power Supply Part # 13B170100-03

AMI 217 Water Cooler Part # 13B170126-01

AMI 217P Power Supply Part # 13B170120-01

AMI 217P Water Cooler Part # 13B170127-01

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