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AMI 207 Power Supply


AMI 207 Power Supply

The AMI Model 207 GTAW Power Supply offers exceptional welding capabilities in a compact and capable 100–150-amp package. This machine enables the production of high-integrity sanitary welds at the push of a button and can store up to 100 different welding schedules to quickly make welds multiple times.

The Arc Machine Inc, Model 207 have been proven to exceed the standards set by multiple industries, such as semiconductor, food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace, energy, and nuclear by providing high-integrity weld quality. The 207 has been used as the welding workhorse for many mechanical and sanitary contractors.

With a range of standard features including a microprocessor control system, dust and moisture proof membrane switches, simple language prompts, data readouts, diagnostic fault detection (DFDS), and more, this powerful welding device is ideal for cleanroom and industrial environments alike.

The 207 features an input power of 100-240 VAC service, single phase 50/60 Hz, weld current of 100-150A, a M-207EMM I/O, maximum memory capacity of 100 weld schedules with 100 levels per schedule and current pulse rate of .05-50 PPS. The optional water cooler allows for continual use while reducing the wear to critical components in weld heads. The 207 weighs 79 lbs, and its compact design (11″x22.75″x18.75″) make it quick and easy to set up onsite. This equipment is available for rental only.

Part # 13B070120-01

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