AMI 207 Power Supply

AMI Model 207 Power Supply

AMI 207 Power Supply

  • Pre-programmed internal memory for up to 100 weld schedules
  • External memory port
  • Dust/moisture-proof soft touch membrane switches

AMI’s Model 207 power supply is a programmable system for orbital fusion welding – capable of welding both tube and thin-wall pipe.

This best selling orbital tube welding machine can store up to 100 welding schedules. It makes consistent, repeatable welds that meet and often exceed industry standards. From sanitary cleanrooms to harsh environments, 207 is ideal for industries such as semiconductor, food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace, offshore, vessel manufacturing and nuclear.

MIT supplies a wide range of orbital welding heads to pair with your Model 207, including the Model 8 series and Model 9 series.

This equipment is available for both purchase and rent. Suggested accessories include the AMI 207 water cooling unit, remote operator’s pendant and extension cables.

Part # 13B070120-01

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