Axxair Orbital Cutting

Morgan Industrial Technology supplies and services Axxair orbital tube saws. With an orbital cutter from Axxair, customers can quickly and precisely cut tube and small pipe. You can trust their time-saving cutting equipment to make cuts in preparation for your orbital welding operation.

AXXAIR CC122 Orbital Cutter

Axxair CC122 Orbital Cutter

The AXXAIR CC122 orbital cutter can quickly cut stainless steel tube and pipe. This equipment is the advanced model of the AXXAIR CC121. It houses a concentric clamping system to prevent...
AXXAIR CC172 Orbital Cutter

Axxair CC172 Orbital Saw

When it comes to orbital cutters, look at the AXXAIR CC172 orbital saw to make clean, precision cuts on tube and pipe. This improved model of the AXXAIR CC171, can be...

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