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AMI Dual Weld Head Controller

AMI Dual Weld Head Controller for AMI Power Supplys

AMI Dual Weld Head Controller

Do you require multiple weld heads for your orbital welding application? Do you need to simplify the weld head exchange calibration process or increase the number of welds your machine produces? With Arc Machine’s Switch Box, you can now utilize two weld heads on a single Weld System Controller, resulting in seamless and efficient operation. This tool allows for easy switching between weld heads without needing to perform any calibration and it improves productivity by being able to load one weld head while the other weld head is running its sequence.

This box features an illuminated switch to indicate the active weld head. The Dual Weld Head Controller is compatible with all AMI fusion weld heads for orbital tube welding and the M217 & M217P Weld System Controller. Selecting the weld head can be done from the Power Supply System, the Remote Pendant, or the Switch Box itself. This tool can be stacked to optimize its footprint within tight space constraints and a single water cooler can be used to provide full-time cooling for both weld heads.

Part # 13B172508-01

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