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AXXAIR SAXX-201 Power Supply

SAXX-201 Power supply

AXXAIR SAXX-201 Power Supply

Power up your jobs with the latest generation power supply from AXXAIR—SAXX-201! With a new design and upgraded features, this power supply is the next best thing in precision welding.

The new design features a built-in screen protector, perfect for the new 7″ color touchscreen. The SAXX-201 also includes a multilingual menu with three user levels: operator, welder, and administrator. It also has simple, intuitive programming, with automatic parameters and programming assistance.

The SAXX-201 also includes an integrated printer, making it easy to print the programs and actual parameters that you are using.

Record your welding programs and users’ profiles with the data acquisition feature. It will monitor and save the welding parameters down to the second. The data can then be viewed directly on the screen or through the supplied ‘WeldData’ software, which can be converted to DMOS/QMOS format.

You can even remotely control the system with your smartphone or tablet! Send and receive data via WiFi to your phone or through the wired remote pendant accessory.

The SAXX-201 also features a detachable water cooling unit that can be separated without tools and has a cooling capacity of 700W, making the power supply extremely portable.

Upgrade your power supply to the next best solution and get the SAXX-201 today!

AXXAIR SAXX-201 Technical Sheet

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