While Morgan Industrial Technology represents several of company product lines, we also supply our own lines of orbital welding and cutting consumables. Order a variety of orbital saw blades or request customized precision preground ceriated tungsten electrodes to keep in stock at your job site or facility.

O2 Analyzer

To prevent sugaring on your orbital weld, we suggest using an O2 analyzer for tig welding. MIT carries several different options when it comes to oxygen sensors, but our primary...
titanium nitrate coated saw blade for orbital cutting saws. Universal for Georg Fischer, Axxair, and more

Orbital Saw Blades

MIT offers a wide variety of orbital saw blades for your tube and pipe cutting applications. MIT’s tube blade (MIT-035) and pipe blade (MIT-048) are both durable and strong. MIT...
Magnatech Tungsten Group

Pre-Ground 2% Ceriated Tungsten

Product Description: Tungsten electrode quality is often overlooked when using orbital welding equipment. Cheap tires do not belong on a high-dollar sports car. The same can be said for using...

Purge Plug Back Purge

Product Description:  The Purge Plug Back Purge attachment allows for welding ends on features, such as ferrules and field applications, where traditional flow through is not available. It utilizes any size...
purge plug kit in hard case with wand and tree in blue

Purge Plug Kit with Hard Case

Product Description This purge plug set combines three of our popular welding accessories into one hard cover carrying case. This case includes purge plugs and exhausts for 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3",...
soft case purge plug kit in 4 different colors with exhaust and purge connectors

Purge Plug Kits

Product Description: Purge plugs are manufactured from Duravar-Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene. A high Temp, high-performance plastic to meet the needs of today's industrial applications. Available in a variety of high...

Purge Plug Purge Tree

Product Description: The Purge Plug tree is a vital component that saves time. Tees, 90s and all end connections fit on the Purge Plug tree allowing you to have a...
stainless steel saw vice kit for sanitary tube cutting

Sanitary Pipe Saw Guide Kit

Looking for a clean and precise cutting process for stainless steel tube or pipe during sanitary welding? Try our saw blocks! These guides save you valuable time and material by...

Saw Vises

Product Description: Saw vises, otherwise known as saw blocks or saw guides, are used to help you make quality cuts on pipe or tube. Attach the saw vise to the...

Tube Tacking Clamps

Tube tacking clamps make aligning and tacking tube joints easy. Just attach to your welding joint, tighten, and tack! Our stainless steel tacking clamps are made in a durable design suitable...
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