Pre-Ground 2% Ceriated Tungsten

Magnatech Tungsten Group

Pre-Ground 2% Ceriated Tungsten

  • Ground and Polished In-House
  • Custom Options

Product Description:

Tungsten electrode quality is often overlooked when using orbital welding equipment. Cheap tires do not belong on a high-dollar sports car. The same can be said for using cheap tungsten with expensive orbital welding equipment. Weld failure and low weld-per-tungsten are results of using low quality tungsten. These results can increase costs dramatically. 

MIT offers only premium ANSI/AWS A5.12 A5 12 compliant, 2% Ceriated Tungsten that is pre-ground and cut to fit your orbital welders. In addition, we super polish the cone of the tungsten electrode to seal up all the grind lines. This increases the life of the tungsten and decreases the cost per weld. MIT tungsten is inspected with a microscope to ensure quality on every tip. Our process results in angle accuracy up to ± ½ degree and tip width within ± .003 in. MIT’s in-house production allows for custom at any length and degree, with a wide range of tungsten diameters from .040” up to .125”. 

Please call or email if you have any questions on our tungsten. We look forward to working with you. 

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