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O2 Analyzer


O2 Analyzer

  • Prevent weld sugaring
  • Get immediate and accurate oxygen readings
  • Choose from several analyzer options

To prevent sugaring on your orbital weld, we suggest using an O2 analyzer for tig welding. MIT carries several different options when it comes to oxygen sensors, but our primary options are the Pro OX-100B and the Purge Eye 100 IP65. Our oxygen analyzers are optimal for orbital welding and provide highly accurate oxygen level readings.

OX-100B Welding Oxygen Analyzer

The Pro OX-100B has unlimited data logging capabilities in real-time as well as Bluetooth transmitting. It has a color notification system based on the oxygen levels users specify, making it easy and quick for operators and inspectors to understand, reducing the chance of error. Its accuracy levels are within ± 0.01%.

Purge Eye 100 IP65 Welding Oxygen Analyzer

The PurgEye 100 IPS65 will indicate oxygen levels from 20.94% down to 100 ppm (0.01%). The tool itself is dustproof and waterproof. You can also calibrate your own monitor at any time without having to return it to the factory. The PurgEye 100 will provide immediate and more importantly – accurate readings for your tube or pipe welding application.

  • Indicates oxygen levels from 20.94% down to 100 ppm (0.01%).
  • At an oxygen level of 2%, its accuracy level is within ± 0.02%.

These handheld O2 analyzer units can be used in two different modes:

  • The continuous monitoring mode can be done simply by connecting the rubber tube to the exhaust port of what you are purging and allowing the exhausted gas to flow freely over the sensor.
  • The monitor can also be used in the sampling mode. The stainless steel probe is inserted either into the area being purged or the exhaust port. The rubber bulb is then to draw a sample of the gas across the sensor.
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