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FM-25 Stainless Steel Tubing Facing Tool

FM25 Facing Tool For Stainless Steel Tubing

FM-25 Stainless Steel Tubing Facing Tool

Step into the future with the FM-25 Series – a dynamic solution for stainless steel tubing facing. Designed with a robust and reliable structure, it consistently delivers clean and flat surfaces, streamlining your alignment and welding procedures.

Choose between the two variants of our FM-25 Stainless Steel Tubing Facing Tool. Whether you need a portable, battery-operated unit for tasks on the move or a standard, electric-powered unit for stationary work, we’ve got you covered. Each model seamlessly preps applications from 1/8 inch to 1 inch, providing dependable and efficient performance.

And we haven’t forgotten about precision. Like all T+C products, the FM-25 series incorporates a graduated microfeed advancement, ensuring that you’re in complete control of material removal.

Upgrade your operations with the FM-25 Stainless Steel Tubing Facing Tool. Whether your workshop is traditional or cutting-edge, the FM-25 series brings an added layer of efficiency and reliability to your work. Trust in its capabilities and enjoy improved results in every project.

  • Storage, shipping case and wrenches
  • Dial gauge
  • Two 12V NiCd rechargeable batteries and one charger are included (cordless only)


  • Additional stainless steel collet sizes available
  • Vacuum shell 
  • Bench stand
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