FM-168 Tube Squaring Tool

FM-168 Tube Squaring Tool

FM-168 Tube Squaring Tool

  • Works with 1" to 6.625" OD
  • Squares stainless steel tube end to create the perfect weld

Product Overview:

The FM-168 is a rugged and durable tube squaring tool, yet provides quality finishes to both external and internal tube surfaces. 

This unit can be used on tube diameters ranging from 1″ to 6.625″ OD, while consistently producing a clean, flat tube end. This unit also contains a graduated microfeed advancement, to ensure a controlled material removal. The unit is operated with a standard electric motor with easy speed adjustment and control. 

Kit Includes:

  • Electrical motor with easy speed adjustment and control
  • Quick tube setup
  • Storage and shipping case
  • Bench stand for machine 
  • Service wrenches 

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