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Axxair CC172 Orbital Saw

CC172 Orbital Welding Saw

Axxair CC172 Orbital Saw

The AXXAIR CC172 Orbital Saw is the big brother to the CC122, offering precision cutting for tube and pipe. The AXXAIR CC172 offers improved handling and operation, making it the ideal choice for those who need to make clean and accurate cuts on stainless steel tube and pipe.

With its advanced clamping system and ergonomic wheel handle, the CC172 Orbital Saw allows for easy tube or pipe fitting and operation. The 4-point concentric clamps prevent tubes and pipe are designed to make quick adjustments so the saw can cut tubes and pipes of different sizes without warping, making it a highly flexible option for a variety of cutting needs.

The CC172 is designed with versatility in mind and can be transformed into a beveling and orbital welding machine. With its dual output cutting motor and two blade positions for uptake, it offers a high level of efficiency and performance. The machine comes in at 112 pounds, making it easy to handle and maneuver compared to other cutters with similar range.

For optimal use, the AXXAIR CC172 Orbital Saw is equipped with a high-speed, low-speed, or pneumatic motor. You can choose the motor that is right for your specific cutting needs. The CC172 has a range of basic jaws from 2.75 inches to 6.625 inches (70 to 170 mm) and additional jaws from .625 inches to 4.65 inches (16 to 118 mm). With cutting precision of <0.009 inches. The CC172 has the industries widest range.

The AXXAIR CC172 Orbital Saw comes with a variety of optional accessories, including a quick beveling motor that offers 30-degree, 37.5 degree, and J bevel options. A tripod support stand, adjustable support bench or table, and pipe bed extension are also available. Additionally, the autorotation box, automatic rotation and clamping system, cutting lubricant, and pipe measuring tool ensure that you have everything you need to make the most of your orbital saw.

MIT Blades are available for the CC122 and CC172 as well as GF Cutting Systems

Technical Specifications:

  • Basic Jaws 2.75″ to 6.625″ (70 to 170 mm)
  • Additional Jaws .625″ to 4.65″ (16 to 118 mm)
  • Cutting Precision: Perpendicular Cutting < 0.009″
  • Versatile: May be transformed into a bevelling and orbital welding machine
  • Dual-output cutting motor with 2 blade positions for uptake
  • Weight: 97 pounds (easy handling)
  • Motor: High Speed, Low Speed, or Pneumatic

Optional Accessories:

  • Quick Beveling Motor (30 degree, 37.5 degree, & J bevel)
  • Tripod Support Stand
  • Adjustable Support Bench or Table
  • Pipe Bed Extension
  • Autorotation Box
  • Automatic Rotation and Clamping System
  • Cutting Lubricant
  • Pipe Measuring Tool

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