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Axxair CC122 Orbital Cutter

AXXAIR CC122 Orbital Saw

Axxair CC122 Orbital Cutter

Technical Specifications:

The AXXAIR CC122 orbital cutter is the ultimate solution for quick and clean stainless steel tube and pipe cutting. AXXAIR took the original CC121 platform and improved it with its concentric clamping system, higher precision, and a dual output motor. Whether you’re working in a fabrication shop or on a construction site, the CC122 orbital cutter is the ideal tool for your cutting needs.

The CC122 orbital cutter is designed with precision and versatility in mind, offering cutting precision with perpendicular cuts of less than 0.009 inches. The dual output cutting motor with 2 blade positions for uptake ensures a smooth and consistent cutting process. The system weighs in a 92 lbs. making it easy to transport and set up. CC122 orbital cutter can easily be transformed into a beveling and orbital welding machine, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

To ensure optimal use, we recommend purchasing MIT consumable orbital saw blades when purchasing the CC122 orbital cutter. The blades are specifically designed for this cutting equipment, providing maximum performance and longevity.

In addition to the CC122 orbital cutter itself, there are a number of optional accessories available to enhance your cutting experience. The quick beveling motor, available in 30-degree, 37.5 degree, and J bevel options, allows for quick and accurate beveling. The tripod support stand and adjustable support bench or table provide stability and support during cutting, while the pipe bed extension allows for longer and larger tubes and pipes to be cut. The autorotate box gives operators the option to set a quick cut program based on Wall Thickness O.D. The automatic rotation and clamping system, cutting lubricant, and pipe measuring tool all contribute to a more efficient and effective cutting process.

  • Basic jaws 1″ to 4.5″ (24 to 121 mm)
  • Additional jaws .25″ to 4.25″ (5 to 108 mm)
  • Cutting Precision: Perpendicular Cut <0.009″
  • Versatile: May be transformed into a bevelling and orbital welding machine
  • Dual-output cutting motor with 2 blade positions for uptake
  • Weight: 82 pounds (easy handling)

Optional Accessories:

  • Quick Beveling Motor (30 degree, 37.5 degree, & J bevel)
  • Tripod Support Stand
  • Adjustable Support Bench or Table
  • Pipe Bed Extension
  • Autorotation Box
  • Automatic Rotation and Clamping System
  • Cutting Lubricant
  • Pipe Measuring Tool
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