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Hawkeye Rigid Borescope

rigid borescope Hawkeye Inspection Tool

Hawkeye Rigid Borescope

  • Latest endoGRINs® image relay lenses
  • Multicoated objective lens
  • LightConcentrator™ light post
  • Independent focusing ring for convenient video and still photography
  • Super bright, portable SuperNOVA™ Light, with rechargeable SuperNOVA Lithium-Ion batteries

Hawkeye® Rigid Borescopes are rugged and bright – providing better image quality, durability, and value when dealing with straight path applications. Hawkeye® Rigid Borescopes are designed with professional users in mind. They come in a variety of sizes so you can perform tube and pipe weld inspections with ease.

Hawkeye® Rigid Borescope Options:

  • Hawkeye® Pro Super Hardy Borescope .283″ (7.20 mm)
  • Hawkeye® Pro Hardy Borescope .250″ (6.35 mm)
  • Hawkeye® Pro Slim Borescope .165″ (4.20 mm)
  • Hawkeye® Pro Slim Prism Borescope .165″ (4.20 mm)
  • Hawkeye® Pro SuperSlim Borescope (2.40 mm – 2.80 mm)
  • Hawkeye® Pro MicroSlim Borescope .073″ (1.85 mm)
  • Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex Semi-Rigid Borescope .035″ (0.9 mm)

Gradient Lens’ rigid borescopes use traditional, glass optics to relay the image. If your entry path is straight, a rigid borescope delivers excellent image quality and can be more cost-efficient than either fiberoptic or video borescopes.Hawkeye® Classic and Pro Rigid Borescopes have DOV’s of 0°, 30°, and 90°.

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