Gradient Lens Corporation

Seeking borescope inspection camera solutions? Gradient Lens has manufactured remote visual inspection tools such as rigid borescopes, flexible borescopes, and video remote inspection systems for more than 20 years. With over 80 different tools to choose from, they provide quality imagery and versatility for every application. Use Hawkeye products to streamline your company’s quality control process and set your services apart.

Hawkeye Pro Rigid Borescopes

Hawkeye Rigid Borescope

Hawkeye® Rigid Borescopes are rugged and bright - providing better image quality, durability, and value when dealing with straight path applications. Hawkeye® Rigid Borescopes are designed with professional users in...
Hawkeye Flexible Borescope Inspection Cameras

Hawkeye Flexible Borescope Inspection Camera

When your tube or pipe entry path is curved, you'll need a Hawkeye Flexible Borescope Inspection Camera to get high-quality imagery. With 0-, 2-, or 4-way articulation, up to 25,000-pixel...
Hawkeye V3 Remote Visual Inspection System

Hawkeye V3 Remote Visual Inspection System

The Hawkeye® V3 Video Borescope is a remote visual inspection system that features a Micro HD video camera and custom-engineered image processor. The 4- and 6-mm Hawkeye V3’s deliver simply the best...
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