QX800 Magnatech Weld Heads

QX800 Magnatech Weld Heads

QX800 Magnatech Weld Heads

  • Quick Exchange Collets
  • Enhanced Weld Head Cooling
  • 30% Weight Reduction
  • Compatible with Tubemaster and Pipemaster Power Supplies
  • Tube-to-Tube Welding and Tube-to-Fitting Welding
  • Vernier Adjustments Prevent Deformation of Thin Wall Tube

Introducing the new QX800 Series of Magnatech Weld Heads – an entirely new line of easy-to-operate tools for orbital tube welding. These weld heads are equipped with quick exchange collets, enhanced weld head cooling, and have a 30% weight reduction. Six models with overlapping ranges cover tubes from .0125″ to 6.625″ (3-168mm) O.D. Magnatech’s QX800 series heads make tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting welds in less time with precision and repeatability. The double-clamping design simplifies work piece fit-up and eliminates tack welding in many cases. Our Quick Exchange Collets are available for any tube and fitting size.

QX800 Weld Head Applications

  • High Purity
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Sanitary (Hygienic)
  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Food Processing
  • Brewery
  • Instrumentation
Magnatech 805 Weld Head805AR0A000
Magnatech 810 Weld Head8100R0B000
Magnatech 820 Weld Head8200R0B000
Magnatech 830 Weld Head8300R0B000
Magnatech 840 Weld Head8400R0B000
Magnatech 860 Weld Head8600R0B000

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