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Magnatech QX800 Weld Heads

Magnatech QX800 Quick Clamp Weld Head

Magnatech QX800 Weld Heads

Introducing Magnatech’s revolutionary QX800 Series Weld Heads – designed with the Orbital Welding Operator in mind. Equipped with quick exchange collets, advanced cooling systems and 30% weight reduction, these heads can facilitate tube-to-tube and tube-to-fitting welds with remarkable precision, speed and repeatability. Offering six models with overlapping range capabilities to accommodate tubes of sizes between .0125′′ to 6.625′′ (3-168mm) O.D., the Quick Exchange Collets are compatible with all tube and fitting sizes, eliminating the need for tack welding in many cases and simplifying the fit-up process

Magnatech QX800 series weld heads are compatible with TubeMaster 514 and PipeMaster 515 power supplies and include updated vernier adjustment to prevent deformation of thin wall tubes under current.

All QX800 Series weld heads come standard with a weather-proof carry case, bench mount holder, and built in 25ft (8m) connection cable. The advanced encoder motor and weld interruption detection system (Jam Detection) deliver a solid weld every time.

Accessory options include a 25, 50, and 75ft (23m) cable extension, offset tungsten mounts, I.D. tungsten mounts, as well as Ferrule and Elbow Collets.

The QX800 series is hands down Magnatech’s most innovative and exciting orbital weld head system.

QX800 Weld Head Applications

  • High Purity
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Sanitary (Hygienic)
  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Food Processing
  • Brewery
  • Instrumentation
Magnatech 805 Weld Head805AR0A000
Magnatech 810 Weld Head8100R0B000
Magnatech 820 Weld Head8200R0B000
Magnatech 830 Weld Head8300R0B000
Magnatech 840 Weld Head8400R0B000
Magnatech 860 Weld Head8600R0B000

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