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Find the right orbital welding machine for your next project. MIT carries orbital welding, cutting, and facing lines from AMI, Magnatech, Axxair, and ESCO Tools.

W-50 Tensile Weld Tester
W-50 Tensile Weld Tester
The W-50 Weld Tester is a piece of destructive weld testing equipment that incorporates compression, tensile, and weld bend testing in one complete unit. This is an invaluable asset to any...
W-60-20 Small Pipe Cutter
W-60-20 Small Pipe Cutter
Watts Process Machinery's smallest pipe cutter is the W-60-20. This precise, small pipe cutter and beveler is ideal for schools, training centers and small shops who need to quickly prepare pipe samples for practice and...
Watts Process Grinding Jig
W-G-20 Grinding Jig
Product Description: This simple fixture rotates freely with the force from the grinding wheel on the pipe end. You can precisely control the speed of rotation and put a perfect...
Walhonde Boilermaker Kit
Walhonde Boilermaker Kit
Product Description: Quickly and accurately aligns tubes for fit-up. The Boilermaker Kit is a combination of the Boomer and Wallbanger-HD tools. Patent pending safety feature allows for quick and easy...
Wallbanger DB
Wallbanger DB
Product Description: Waterwall, Superheat, Reheat, Economizer, Crossover, Header, and Generating tube. Quickly and accurately fits two waterwall tubes at a time. Patent pending safety feature allows for quick and easy...
Wallbanger Safety Pin
Wallbanger HD
Product Description: Quickly and accurately fits one tube at a time. Each order of a Wallbanger includes an air impact wrench, socket & bolts. Patent pending safety feature allows for...
Walhonde Wallsticks
Product Description: Includes four sets of Wallsticks, air impact wrench, socket & bolts with safety pins. Quickly and accurately aligns waterwall tubes with 1/4" or 3/8" membrane. Wallsticks can be...
Walhonde Wallzip
Product Description: The Wallzip tool combines a Wallstick with a DB Wallbanger.
ESCO Tool Wart Millhog
Wart Millhog
Product Overview: The Wart MILLHOG® I.D. Clamping beveling tool is ideal for end prepping all boiler tube and pipe metal and is only 2.625in wide for use in tight working...
Weld Head Bench Mount
Weld Head Bench Mount Bracket
A bench mount bracket supports your orbital welding head when not in use or while conducting welds at the bench. These stainless steel brackets can be bolted, c-clamped or welded...
Weld Head Collets
Weld Head Collets
Clamp inserts, otherwise known as collets, are the heart of orbital fusion weld heads. They serve to hold the tube or fitting in-line and concentric to each other. The unique design of...
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