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Weld Head Collets

Weld Head Collets

Weld Head Collets

Clamp inserts, otherwise known as collets, are the heart of orbital fusion weld heads. They serve to hold the tube or fitting in-line and concentric to each other. The unique design of these clamps will hold two parts concentric to each other, even if one part is slightly larger or smaller than the other. The profile of the cantilever beam design prevents over-stressing of the inserts, extending their usable life. Clamp inserts are available in all standard inch and metric tube and pipe sizes, as well as custom sizes.

To perform a weld with a standard fusion weld head, you’ll need four individual pieces. This equals one pair of collets on both sides of the weld head. Because of this, collets are quoted and sold in quantities of two. So, if you are in need of collets for your orbital weld head, you’ll purchase two pairs. Available for both AMI and Magnatech weld heads. 

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