Video Arc Monitoring (VAM) System

Magnatech Camera Control Console

Video Arc Monitoring (VAM) System

  • Miniature Camera/Industrial Housing
  • Remote Visual Weld Monitoring
  • Rugged ABS Case for Camera Control Unit and Monitor
  • High Dynamic Range Provides Unsurpassed Image Clarity

The Video Arc Monitoring (VAM) System allows remote visual monitoring of GTAW process welding for applications where the welding equipment must be used in hazardous environments or when welding visually inaccessible locations such as ID cladding. The system allows both real-time observations of the weld and operator correction of the welding process. The system provides the same view a welder would expect if he were directly monitoring the welding process.

VAM System Features:

  • Complete integrated system
  • Customizable- single or dual camera/monitor
  • High dynamic range for instantaneous arc/no arc viewing
  • Rugged ABS shipping/storage case
  • Rack-mounted controls and monitors
  • High-resolution LCD monitor conveniently folds into 4.5 cm (1.75″) drawer
  • Video splitter (optional) for two camera operation
  • Adjustable illumination provides post-weld inspection
  • Custom-engineered camera mounting on weld heads to side unique applications
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