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Saw Vises

Vice Style Clamp for tube and pipe cutting

Saw Vises

  • Make square, quality cuts in minutes
  • Durable design for heavy industrial use
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Tube and pipe sizes available

Product Description:

Saw vises, otherwise known as saw blocks or saw guides, are used to help you make quality cuts on pipe or tube. Attach the saw vise to the pipe or tube where you want to make the cut, and it will guide your cut-off saw to make a straight, clean cut. The advantages of using saw vises are:

  • Quality – Consistent, excellent cut on in-place pipes.
  • Quick – Effortless process: attach, cut, and remove
  • Range -Sizes 1” – 4” in both pipe and tube sizes
  • 6″ Tube & Pipe Saw Vise is also available. The vise comes with an insert that makes it work for both 6″ tube and 6″ pipe.
  • Custom sizes also available 
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