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Sanitary Fitting Support Mandrel


Sanitary Fitting Support Mandrel

  • Standard fitting sizes from 1" through 4" are available
  • Orbital weld fitting to fitting assemblies
  • Serves as an ID purge device

Weld fittings with the fitting support mandrel. This tool from Arc Machines is designed to facilitate the orbital welding of fitting to fitting assemblies which do not have sufficient straight length to be held in an orbital weld head. It also serves as an ID purge device. The tool is adaptable to a wide range of fitting sizes and assembly configurations.

The heart of this tool is a collet that is inserted into the ID of a ferrule, (or similar type of fitting) and expanded into place. This holds the pre-tacked fitting assembly concentric to the body of the mandrel. An input gas line and integral gas diffuser are provided to purge the ID of the assembly welded.

Since the body of the tool is 1.5″ OD (38,1 mm) a wide clamp insert of this size (mounted onto one side of the weld head) is also required. This serves to hold the tool, and thus the pre-tacked fitting assembly centered in the weld head and ready for welding.

Collets for all standard fitting sizes from 1″ through 4″ (25,4 mm – 101,6 mm) are available. Collets for non-standard or custom applications are also available upon request.

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