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AMI 8 Series Weld Heads

AMI 8400

AMI 8 Series Weld Heads

The Model 8 series orbital weld heads offer consistent and repeatable fusion (TIG) welds for tubes, thin wall pipes, and fittings from 0.25″ (6 mm) to 6.625″ (168 mm) OD and standard wall thicknesses up to 0.025” – 0.160″ (0.635mm – 4 mm). Their narrow width makes them the perfect choice for confined spaces and tight fit welds.

For extra convenience and precision, the Model 8 weld heads come with a two-sided clamping system – precision machined and engineered to easily adjust to any diameter discrepancy while also providing a strong clamping force. Additionally, the weld heads are also equipped with water-cooling, making them ideal for long duty-cycle operations.

The Model 8 series comes in three options – the Model 8-2000, Model 8-4000, and Model 8-6625 – with OD range options from 0.25″ to 2.00″, 0.50″ to 4.00″, and 2.00″ to 6.625″, respectively. Further supporting its suitability for different applications, the 217 has a wide range of accessories that are available for rent or purchase. Options include support mandrels for welding sanitary ferrules without pre-tacking, bench mount brackets for support, clamp inserts (both imperial and metric), and extension cables available in 25 ft., 50 ft., and 75 ft. lengths.

Model 8 AMI orbital welding equipment is available in:

  • Model 8-2000 (tube/pipe OD range: 0.25″-2.00″) 
  • Model 8-4000 (tube/pipe OD range: 0.50″-4.00″)
  • Model 8-6625 (tube/pipe OD range: 2.00″- 6.625″)

Purchase or rent a Model 8 weld head to use with your 217 power supply or 207 power supply. Accessories, such as extension cables, remote pendants, bench mount brackets and tungsten extenders, are available. 

Model 8-2000 Part # 13080108-01

Model 8-4000 Part # 13080100-01

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