Model 8 Series AMI Orbital Welding Heads

Model 8 Series AMI Orbital Welding Heads

Model 8 Series AMI Orbital Welding Heads

  • Compatible with all AMI power supplies
  • Electrode Size: 1/16" and 3/32"
  • Cable Length: 25 ft.

Model 8 series weld heads are designed for the fusion (GTAW) welding of fittings, tubing and thin wall pipe. The narrow width of these AMI orbital welding heads makes it ideal for restricted space applications, such as welding fitting to fitting or fitting to valve body assemblies. 

A key feature of the Model 8 series weld heads is its unique cooling design, allowing high duty-cycle welding. When connected to an AMI cooling unit, all components of this weld head are liquid-cooled, including cables, clamp housings and electrode rotor.

A variety of clamps are available to perfectly suit every welding application. For fitting-to-fitting or tube-to-fitting welds, the standard (narrow) clamps require the least amount of stick-out.

Model 8 AMI orbital welding equipment is available in:

  • Model 8-2000 (tube/pipe OD range: 0.25″-2.00″) 
  • Model 8-4000 (tube/pipe OD range: 0.50″-4.00″)
  • Model 8-6625 (tube/pipe OD range: 2.00″- 6.625″)

Purchase or rent a Model 8 weld head to use with your 217 power supply or 207 power supply. Accessories, such as extension cables, remote pendants, bench mount brackets and tungsten extenders, are available. 

Model 8-2000 Part # 13080108-01

Model 8-4000 Part # 13080100-01

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