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Model 79 AMI Orbital Welding Heads

Model 79 AMI Weld Head For Pipe Welding Orbital Application

Model 79 AMI Orbital Welding Heads

The Model 79 series of welding heads from Arc Machines (AMI) provide unmatched durability and comprehensive functionality. Designed for both fabrication shop and field process pipe welding applications, these open weld heads are some of the most reliable tools on the market. Their unique integral clamping system which makes it possible to adjust to different pipe and tubing diameters within seconds, reducing the need for separate guide rings.

Capable of welding pipe sizes from 0.75” outside diameter to 6.625” outside diameter, and a wall thickness greater than 0.75” (19,05 mm), these heads are extremely versatile.

The built in Arc Voltage Control ensures precise arc gap control while their programmable oscillation and precision wire feeder come equipped with a wire guide positioned and can even complete stubbing out . In addition, their integral clamping system is engineered to provide automatic centering of the weld head on the pipe, improving the overall weld quality.

The Model 79 series’ water-cooled torch allows for 100% Duty Cycle operation. The optional motorized wire manipulators and direct-view cameras are also available as add-ons for more complex job. Additionally, these heads can be used with a variety of joint designs like “J” prep and square butt, and are capable of welding stainless steel, carbon steel, as well as all kinds of exotic alloys such as Hastelloy, Inconel and Monel, as well as all other TIGable materials.

Model 79 series weld heads include the: 79-2375, 79-3500, 79-4500 and 79-6625 Weld Heads, offering Orbital Welder the capacity to choose the best tool for the job.


AMI Model 79-1500 Weld Head13790146-01
AMI Model 79-2375 Weld Head13090010-01
AMI Model 79-3500 Weld Head13790109-01
AMI Model 79-6625 Weld Head13790100-02
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