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Magnatech Redhead Weld Heads

Red Head Open Weld Head From Magnatech

Magnatech Redhead Weld Heads

Product Description:

The Magnatech Redhead Welder offers unparalleled accuracy and consistency for pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds. The RedHead allows for fusion welding without having to use any manually added filler, due to the head mounted feeder which is integrated into the model. The three models range in size from .05”- 6.625” (12.7 to 168 mm) OD. Thanks to Magnatech’s built in digital technology, the need for recalibration and adjustment is almost completely removed – rotation and wire speed remain reliable regardless of wear, and heads can be interchanged instantly. The Magnatech RedHeads was specially designed for schedule 5 and schedule 10 as well as for large OD tubing where ovality is an issue.

Additional features of the Redhead include an Arc Length Adjustment Control which allows for continuous maintenance of the set arc length, a water-cooled torch with adjustable lead/lag angle, a Push Button Clutch for quick cable unwinding, a Toggle Lever for easy actuation of the clamps, and a 3-Axis Position Adjustment for Filler Wire Nozzle for optimal accuracy. An integral Filler Wire Feeder ensures a smooth, even wire feed speed, and Broad Stainless Steel Clamp Pads offer optimal axial contact and ensure secure clamping of the weld head in relation to the pipe axis. Finally, a Torch Cross-Seam Adjustment is included to make lateral torch adjustment possible during welding.

  • Chain drive system guarantees long lifetime
  • Rugged design
  • Generates high-quality welds

Models (Pipe / Tube OD size range)

R-1: 13-38 mm (0.5 – 1.5″)  |  R-2: 33-90 mm (1.315 – 3.5″)  |  R-3: 90-168 mm (3.5 – 6.625″)

Magnatech 427 R-1 RedHead Part # 427ARBB0J0

Magnatech 428 R-2 RedHead Part # 428ARBB0J0

Magnatech 429 R-3 RedHead Part # 429ARBB0J0

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