Magnatech Redhead Weld Heads

Magnatech redhead fusion weld head

Magnatech Redhead Weld Heads

  • Size Range: 0.5 - 6.625" OD
  • Used for GTAW welding of pipe-to-pipe or pipe-to-fitting
  • Fusion or wire feed capable
  • Made in USA

Product Description:

The R-Head (Redhead) series of weld heads are easy-to-operate tools for orbital welding pipe. Three standard models cover pipe sizes 12.7 to 168 mm (0.5″ – 6.625″).

A mechanical arc length control device compensates for out-of-round pipe, and the basic weld heads can be used for fusion welding applications. Filler wire feed modules are standard for all models.

The weld head is simply slipped over the pipe and clamped with a toggle lever. The second generation design provides continuously adjustable clamping – no need to interchange components when changing pipe sizes. Redheads clamp only on one side of the weld joint, allowing use for pipe-to-fitting welds. Used with the Tubemaster power source, these weld heads improve productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates and producing welds of consistent quality.

  • Chain drive system guarantees long lifetime
  • Rugged design
  • Generates high-quality welds

Models (Pipe / Tube OD size range)

R-1: 13-38 mm (0.5 – 1.5″)  |  R-2: 33-90 mm (1.315 – 3.5″)  |  R-3: 90-168 mm (3.5 – 6.625″)

Magnatech 427 R-1 RedHead Part # 427ARBB0J0

Magnatech 428 R-2 RedHead Part # 428ARBB0J0

Magnatech 429 R-3 RedHead Part # 429ARBB0J0

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