Magnatech 514F Tubemaster Power Supply

Magnatech 514F Tubemaster Power Supply

Magnatech 514F Tubemaster Power Supply

  • Can be used with many weld head models (GTAW)
  • Controls current output and pulsing, weld head rotation, and weld head wire feed speed
  • Output Power: 200 amps
  • Large color LCD touch screen display
  • Made in the USA

Product Description: 

The Magnatech Tubemaster Model 514 brings the benefits of true digital technology to the orbital welding customer: unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Become an expert in orbital tube welding and get quality results.

The digital technology forever eliminates the need for periodic weld head calibration – rotation speed remains accurate regardless of headwear, and heads can be interchanged without time-consuming calibration. An intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies programming and control functions with easy-to-follow screens. Auto Program mode is only three screens deep, requiring the programmer to enter head model, tube OD, wall and material. 

  • Unique auto programming
  • Rugged design
  • Operates fusion and wire feed heads
  • Tough, black powder coat finish

Part # 514F0TBAD0

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