AMI Orbital Welding Remote Pendant

AMI Orbital Welding Remote Pendant

AMI Orbital Welding Remote Pendant

  • 25 ft cable (extension cables available)

Use the AMI M327 WDR/ M415 WDR remote pendant as a great addition to your orbital welding equipment. The durable, user-friendly design is made with the operator in mind. 

The large handheld units are enclosed in a sturdy design to face harsh welding applications and environments. It also has a large button and screen interface for easy use. Use the remote pendant to improve safety while working in an area with restricted space. 

All AMI orbital welding remote pendants control the following commands:

  • Weld/test mode
  • Sequence start/stop
  • Manual purge
  • Motor jog
  • Print
  • Weld schedule access
  • Amps up/down and all stop

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