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AMI Model 15 Weld Head

Arc Machines AMI Model 15 Open Weld Head on Stainless Steel Tube

AMI Model 15 Weld Head

  • Compact weld head with water-cooled torches
  • Use on standard pipe sizes ranging from 3" up to any diameter
  • Available flat tracks and large-radius curved tracks

The AMI Model 15 an open weld head system designed for field use on pipe.

It offers robust radial and axial clearances, making it suitable for all sizes of pipes from 3 inches (76 mm) in diameter up to unlimited size, including flat plates. This weld head comes in a variety of configurations including AVC Tilt, ID Welding, AVC/OSC Interchange. The Model 15 is often used in nuclear, ship building, petrochemical, and construction industries where exception weld quality is mandated.

To construct a complete system suitable for your project, combine it with a torch assembly, precision guide rings, and an AMI power supply, among other options. The AMI Model 15 standard features include cross-seam torch tilt, electrode-to-wire nozzle height adjustment, wire nozzle cross-seam adjustment, lead/lag adjustment, wire nozzle entry angle adjustment, and a range of gas cups and gas lenses, as well as a spring-loaded mount to prevent breakage of torch components.

Part # 13150115-01

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