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AMI 9 Series Weld Heads

AMI Model 9-250

AMI 9 Series Weld Heads

  • Compatible with all AMI power supplies
  • Available in ten sizes and three versions
  • Accommodates diameters from 3/32" to 7.5"
  • Accommodates wall thicknesses from .01" to .16"

The Model 9 series of AMI orbital welding heads are designed for fusion (TIG) welding of tube, pipe, fittings or other cylindrical components. Available in ten sizes and three versions, they can be configured over 60 different ways and can accommodate diameters from 3/32” (2,3 mm) to 7.5” (190,5 mm) OD, and wall thicknesses from 0.01” (0,25 mm) to 0.16” (4 mm).

Each weld head fits a wide range of tube sizes via easily replaced, size-specific clamps. The standard Model 9 incorporates a two-sided clamping mechanism to hold components being welded in line and concentric – eliminating the need for tack welding. Several of these heads incorporate a flip-up viewing window, for easy verification of fit-up. Most Model 9 weld heads are plumbed for water cooling of both the cables and internal weld head components – allowing increased duty-cycles.

The AMI 9 Series also includes the -E and -ER series weld heads. The main differences between the AMI 9E and 9ER series is that the 9ER series is equipped with a remote control system, which allows the operator to adjust the welding parameters from a remote location, this feature allows for greater flexibility and ease of use.

The Model 9 series includes the AMI 9 250 Weld Head, AMI 9-500 Weld Head, AMI 9-500 C Weld Head, AMI 9E Weld Heads and AMI 9CT Weld Heads. Purchase or rent a Model 9 weld head to use with your 217 power supply or 207 power supply. Accessories, such as extension cables, remote pendants, bench mount brackets and tungsten extenders, are available. 

AMI Model 9-500C Weld Head – Water Cooled13090007-02
AMI Model 9-500 Weld Head – Air Cooled13090010-01
AMI Model 9-500 Weld Head – Air Cooled – Stainless Steel Rotor13090010-07
AMI Model 9-750 Weld Head13090020-06
AMI Model 9-1500 Weld Head13090040-01
AMI Model 9-2500 Weld Head13090050-01
AMI Model 9-3500 Weld Head13090060-01
AMI Model 9-4500 Weld Head13090070-01
AMI Model 9-7500 Weld Head13090080-01
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