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AMI Model 4-500 Weld Head


AMI Model 4-500 Weld Head

  • All stainless steel, ball-bearing gear-drive
  • Ceramic heat shields
  • Water-cooling base unit
  • Torgue-limited clutch protects the drive-train

The AMI 4-500 weld head is a fully integrated orbital tube weld head with an available component support and position tooling plate.

The Arc Machines Inc. (AMI) Model 4-500 weld head is an advanced orbital tube welding head designed for quick and efficient bench welds on tubes, fittings, valves, and other smaller components. The 4-500 weld head is designed to produce high-quality and highly-accuracy welds that are perfect for assembling and joining together sub-components in the semiconductor, aerospace, biopharmaceutical, and dairy industries. It is the premier choice for industries that demand pristine welds and highly reliable results. The AMI 4-500 offers a wide range of custom clamping tooling to choose from.

The 4-500 is bult with AMI latest welding innovations. The ceramic heat shield protects the housing from heat and allow high duty cycle operation, while the water-cooled base unit, tooling, and rotor increase the weld head longevity. It’s stainless-steel ball bearing gear-drive and torque limited clutch protect the drive train for damage.

Use on tube sizes ranging from .093″ to .500″ (2,4 mm – 12,7 mm).

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