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Orbital Blades and Bits

Titanium Nitrate Coated & Hardened Work Steel

Quality Welds Start In Prep

Precise, clean, and consistent cuts are essential for producing high-quality weld joints. Using a high quality blade reduces prep time while still producing a high quailty result and the titanium nitrate coating keeps the blades cutting for longer.

Tube Blades

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.098″ – .217″ Wall Thickness


.047″ – .098″ Wall Thickness


Titanium Nitrate Coated


.040″ – .118″ Wall Thickness


.039″ – .120″ Wall Thickness

Axxair 8080

.039″ – .120″ Wall Thickness

Axxair 6872

.040″ – .118″ Wall Thickness

Axxair Orbital Saws

Orbital Cutting Solutions 

Pipe Blades

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.083 – .250″


Titanium Nitrate Coated

Axxair 6844

.080″ – .250″ Wall Thickness

Axxair 8034

.196″ – .472″ Wall Thickness

Axxair 8054

.080″ – .275″ Wall Thickness

Axxair 9038

.196″ – .590″ Wall Thickness

purge plug kit in hard case with wand and tree in blue

Purge Plug Kits

For Sanitary and Purge Welding

Beveling Bits

Take A Chip Off

MIT Bits for T+C and Gorge Fischer Facing Tools

Facing Bits

Titanium Nitrate Coated

ESCO Millhog Bits

Beveling Bits

.080″ – .250″ Wall Thickness

acculube push stick


Cutting Lubricant Stick

axxair lubricant

Axxair Lubricant

Blade Cutting Oil – 250ml

Customer Reviews


I had an exceptional experience working with Morgan Industrial Technology. The rep I was working with (Jacob) was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.


I have many orbital jobs going on and from the first day he (Mark) was patient, kind and understanding when I had no idea what I was trying to order.

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